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Lowest prices guaranteed

No need to shop around—the advisers we partner with provide recommended policies at the lowest available market rates. That means you can’t get them cheaper even if you go to the insurer direct. There are NO hidden costs or extra fees. The insurers cover everything because our partners save them a lot of admin.

Get quotes & comparisons

What we do differently

100% free service

There are no added fees or charges for our service. The advisers we partner with are paid entirely by the insurance providers. It is well worth it for them, because they get highly-qualified customers. Meanwhile, you get to take advantage of a free service, so you can find the right insurance protection to safeguard your future.

Licenced financial advisers

We know that navigating insurance products is overwhelming. With so many options, it is incredibly hard to figure out the best policy for your unique circumstances and budget. So we connect you with a Licenced Financial Adviser who has extensive experience in the insurance industry. They have the knowlege and access to guide you through all Health, Life and Disability insurance products across the market—ensuring you make a wise and properly-informed decision.

Lifetime claims support protection

Your adviser will support you not just in finding insurance, but using it. Any time you need help with something, they’ll be there to help you. Questions about your policy? Ask them. Need to make changes to your coverage? They’ll do it for you. Have to file a claim? They’ll take care of that. Having an argument with the insurer about getting a pay-out? Let them handle it—they know how!

Personal touch

Although online comparison tools are quick, their advice is inaccurate, because it’s based on such limited information. With us, you talk to a licenced financial adviser—just a 5-minute call lets us provide you with truly personalised guidance. Your adviser accounts for your financial situation, lifestyle, and future plans to find the perfect policy for you. And they can explain complex insurance terms, conditions, and exclusions in plain language, so you can make an informed decision.

Our complete services

  • Health insurance

    Every year, thousands of Kiwis discover just how bad our public health system is. They get sick or injured—then have to wait ages for treatment. In desperation, many pay tens of thousands for private care. Health insurance means you don’t have to pay for private treatment out of your own pocket. It protects you and your loved ones from unreliable care at overloaded public hospitals. With the right coverage, you have peace of mind that you can fast-track your recovery. Public health has seen delays up to 14 years…private treatment averages 30 days. Protect yourself from unexpected injuries and medical expenses.

  • Income protection insurance

    If you get sick or disabled and cannot do your job, where is your income going to come from? Income protection insurance covers a high percentage of your income if you become sick or disabled, and can’t work in your current job. Whatever the crisis—injury, illness, or redundancy—you’ll have steady cashflow for yourself and your loved ones. No worrying about how to pay the bills, or how to get back on your feet faster. The government “safety net” won’t cover nearly enough of your income to keep you financially stable—but the right income protection insurance policy will.

  • Life insurance

    Who will provide for your loved ones if you’re gone? No one likes to think about death, but for those with dependents, it’s part of the job. You have to take care of everyone who relies on you—even if you’re not around. With the right life insurance policy, your family’s financial future is secure regardless of what happens to you. Whether it’s paying off debts, covering funeral costs, or providing for your children’s education, life insurance is a simple and cost-effective way to invest in your family’s future. Make sure they stay protected when you can no longer do it.

  • Mortgage repayment insurance

    Your home is the center of your life—and your most important investment. But it can become an overwhelming financial burden, and source of crippling anxiety, if you’re suddenly unable to work. The right mortgage repayment insurance lets you relax, knowing that no matter what happens to you, your repayments will continue. Illness, injury, or redundancy may prevent you from making money, but you won’t have to worry about losing your house. Protect your way of life—secure the future of your home with mortgage repayment insurance.

  • Total permanent disability insurance

    A sudden disabling injury can destroy you life. Why risk it? Total permanent disability insurance protects you and your family even if something terrible happens to you. With the right coverage, you’ll have the financial support you need to protect the way of life your family is used to. If you get a catastrophic disability and cannot ever work again, where will your money come from? With government compensation and support very limited, total permanent disability insurance can help you maintain your standard of living. Hope is not a strategy—secure your future.

  • Trauma insurance

    Be prepared for the worst. Trauma insurance gives you a lump sum payout for up to 50 conditions. The most common are early stage cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Trauma insurance can help you deal with the sudden shock of such events, so you can focus on recovery—instead of medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and lost income. It is wise to have a safety net to cushion the blow of life’s toughest moments, especially if you have dependants. Trauma insurance helps shield not just you, but also your family, during unexpected crises that might otherwise destroy your way of life.

About us

When it comes to comparing health insurance policies, things can get complicated quickly. With so many providers and varying coverage options available, it can be tough to determine what’s best for you.

We started this website to connect you with a financial advisor who can help you navigate these treacherous waters. We look for only the best advisers—people who are not only experienced, but also have great reviews. That way, we can have confidence that you will get the right insurance policy for your situation.

We are based in New Zealand, and the advisers we work with live in various parts of the country.

  • All the insurance advisors we work with offer a free service. They are remunerated by the insurers, who pay them a commission for policies taken out through them.
  • All have in-depth knowledge of all the insurance cover available from every provider, so they can help you find the best solution for your situation.
  • Any quotes they provide will be the lowest market price available—just like going to the insurer direct.

Our services are designed to make getting the right insurance as easy as possible for you, the customer. We are dedicated to serving Kiwis who need our help—no matter where you are in the country.

Get quotes & comparisons